The Best Andis Dog Clippers (Review Updated 2021)

blue Andis dog clipperIf you’re looking for the best Andis dog clippers, you have several options. It could be confusing at first when buying the one that’s best for you and your dog.

That’s why we’ve taken the time and done the research for you, so you can scan our reviews below and see which Andis dog clipper is the one you should get.

When it’s time to clip your dog’s fur, we understand that both you and your pet would like the process to go smoothly and safely. That’s why we’ve dug into the details of these Andis dog grooming clippers to give you appropriate recommendations for each.

When you’ve chosen the best Andis professional dog clippers for your situation, you’ll be happy after a grooming session knowing that the next one should go as smoothly as this one. Your dog will appreciate it too!

If you’re in a hurry and just want to check the pricing and availability of these Andis dog clippers at Amazon, you can click the links in the list below. Otherwise, you can keep scrolling and reading to see what we have to say about each one before you make your final decision.

#1: Andis UltraEdge AGC Super 2-Speed Clipper

#2: Andis ProClip 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

#3: Andis Excel Pro 5-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

#4: Andis AGC 2 Speed Extra Wide Blade

All the Andis models we’ll look at here have a good reputation among pet owners. The one you choose will likely depend mostly on the breed of your dog and how much you want to spend. With proper care – cleaning, oiling, and sharpening your clippers should last for many years. Keep that in mind when looking at the price too.

Without further ado, let’s look at the individual models of Andis clippers that you should consider for grooming your dog. We’ll examine the common features of each after describing what makes each one unique.


#1: Andis UltraEdge AGC Super 2-Speed Pro Clipper (Best Overall Value)

Andis dog clipper for professional groomers


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The Andis Super 2-Speed clipper is virtually the same as the ProClip just above, except that the two speeds are faster. Here you get strokes per minute of 3400 and 4400.

The weight and size are also the same, as is the fact that you get UltraEdge blades.

Blades Get Hot So Keep Them Cool

Blades will get hot as you use the clippers. The faster the speed and the longer you groom, the hotter they will get. For this reason, you should either have a coolant (see below) that you can apply to the blade or have more than one of the same size so you can swap out a cool, fresh one for the overheated one.

Oiling and cleaning the blades after use will help keep them cool as long as possible. Sharp blades will cut better, thus reducing the friction causing the heat. You can either send your blades out to have them sharpened or take them to a local shop or dog show where vendors can do the job for you.


#2: Andis ProClip 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper (Faster Speeds)

The Andis ProClip 2-Speed clipper is a fairly standard model. You’ll likely consider it the best value for your money over the other 4 models we look at.

With two speeds – 2700 SPM and 3400 SPM, you can make adjustments for the thickness of the fur and the location on the body in which you are working. When you get to those delicate areas, you probably will want to slow down the clipper. 2700 SPM is still plenty fast to get the job done well. It’s safer than the high setting.

Standard Weight, Length, And Blades

As with most of these clippers, the ProClip weighs 1.10 pounds and measures 7.13 inches in length. This makes them light enough that your hand won’t quickly get tired, especially if you have a large surface area to cover on a big dog. The length ensures that virtually any size of a human hand can hold it easily.

Most of these clippers also use Andis’ UltraEdge blades, which are considered their top of the line. You may use other brands’ blades, but be sure to check with other owners or with the manufacturer before making such a purchase to see that they are compatible.


#3: Andis Excel Pro 5-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper (Best for Speed Variety)

The Andis Excel Pro 5-Speed has the widest variety of speeds of the 4 models that we’ll be examining here. Andis suggests that you should use the lower speed for a “cooler running and clipping around sensitive areas”. They further recommend “higher speeds for a prettier coat finish”. We agree with their assessment of speed use. Be especially careful in those tender areas.

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Andis doesn’t specify the exact speeds at all five settings. They mention that the range starts at 2500 strokes per minute (SPM) and goes up to 4500 SPM. We would assume then that the speeds in between are 3000, 3500, and 4000 SPM. It would just make sense that the five settings are evenly spaced, each being 500 SPM apart.

In addition to the various speeds, this model gives you a CeramicEdge blade. Ceramics disperse the heat more quickly than metal, so these blades run cooler and last longer than their carbon steel counterparts.

The Ubiquitous Size 10 Blade

The single blade included is a size 10. This blade, when used without a comb, will leave your dog’s fur about 1/16 of an inch long. For comparison, a size 5 blade will leave hair about 1/4 inch long, and a size 30 leaves it just 1/50 of an inch long.

Depending on the styling you want to do with your dog’s coat, you might use a size 7 or the starter size 10 on his back. Then you might switch to a higher number, like the 30, to clip between his or her toes. Keeping such areas clean will help prevent matting which attracts and hold thistles and other unwanted debris.

It might be a case of “the chicken or the egg”, but many owners use a size 10 blade most often. Whether that’s because it really works best and thus Andis included it in the package, or whether because Andis included it in the package that so many owners use it a lot, that’s difficult to say.

A Smaller Clipper Than Most

Whether it’s because of the ceramics used or some other design decision, we can’t say, but this clipper is both lighter at 0.8 pounds and shorter at 6.25 inches than all the others discussed below. You would be hard pressed to tell the difference in weight, which is just 0.3 pounds (less than 5 ounces).

You will notice, in a side-by-side comparison (see the table below), that this unit is significantly shorter – by 0.88 inches. That’s getting close to a full inch. This will likely only matter if you have large hands. If so, you might find this model a little too small to hold effectively for an extended period.


#4: Andis AGC Super 2 Speed Extra Wide Blade (Also Super Fast)

AGC 2 speed Andis dog clipper for the professional dog groomer

The Andis 2-Speed clipper has an extra wide T-84 Blade and is manly used by professionals. It matches the high speed of the ProClip and the low speed of the Super 2-Speed.

As with the 3 models above, the AGC 2-Speed weighs 2.33 pounds. It has a detachable blade used for dogs and horses.

It’s dimensions are 7.5 inches x 1.75 inches x 3.5 inches. And for convenience the heavy-duty cord is 14 foot long for easy movement around your dog or horse.

carry case for the AGC Andis dog clippersExtra Wide Blade for Special Grooming

The real benefit of choosing this Andis dog clipper is the extra wide blade. The resulting fur length will vary depending on how the blade is used.

You must be certain that there are no matted areas of fur because a comb will easily get tangled there causing pulling and even pain for your pet. It also includes an instructional video and hard case.

Choosing a Good Dog Grooming Clipper

All the Andis models of dog clippers should be considered “professional” grade. If you’re looking to get a set of clippers for home use, you might think this sounds like overkill, but really it’s not. In the long run, you’ll be glad you went for professional quality clippers.

Most of the clippers we looked at in this article come with carbon steel blades. One is equipped with ceramic blades, and you can get additional blades that are made of either material. Ceramic blades stay cooler longer than steel, which is one reason we put that model at the top of the list.

Corded, Cordless, Multi-Speed Clippers?

You might at first think you need a cordless clipper because the cord of these models would get in the way while trimming your dog’s coat. However, the cord on each of the Andis models is 14 feet long. Even with a large dog, the cord is not a factor, as long as your overall setup is such that the distance from outlet to dog is a few feet less than that length.

A multi-speed clippers is nice, but depending on your breed of dog, it may not be necessary.

Common Features Among Andis Clippers

All of these clippers share a few features. Each is made of a polymer body, so it should withstand some harsh treatment – not that you would purposely mistreat it, but accidents happen.

Inside is a rotary motor that runs at 120 volts. A common question is whether these clippers will work at 220 volts. They will, but you’ll need to get a power adapter separately.

You get a detachable size 10 blade in each kit. For many of you, that may be all you ever need, but you can buy other sizes separately should you find that you want a smaller or larger blade for your breed of dog or for different areas on your dog’s body.

If you do acquire additional blades, this is how you swap them out. You press the button on the back side of the clippers just below the blade. Then you pull back on the blade until it opens up. Next, slide the old blade off and slip the new one on. Finally, snap the assembly back into place.

There is a locking switch that you can set to make sure the clippers won’t accidentally turn off in the middle of cutting.

Comparing The 4 Best Andis Dog Clippers

Just below is a table that shows you at a glance the similarities and differences among these four Andis models.


  #1 – Andis UltraEdge
#2 – Andis ProClip #3 – Andis Excel Pro
#4 – Andis AGC
Locking Switch? Yes Yes Yes Yes
14-foot Cord? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Combs? No No No No
Weight (lbs.) 2.05 2.0 2.2 2.33
Dimensions (Inches) 10 x 2.62 x 8
10 x 3 x 9
8 x 2.5 x 10
7.5 x 1.75 x 3.5
Body Material Polymer Polymer Polymer Polymer
Motor Type Rotary Rotary Rotary Rotary
Speed Settings 2 2 5 2
Strokes Per Minute 3400 to 4400 3400 to 4400 3500 (Max) 2500 to 4500
Voltage 120 120 120 120
Blade Name Ultra Edge detachable Ultra Edge detachable Ultra Edge detachable Ceramic Edge detachable
Blade Size 10 10 10 T-84
Blade Type Ultra Edge Ultra Edge Ceramic Edge Ceramic Edge
Blade Material Carbon steel Carbon steel Carbon steel
Carbon steel with ceramic blade

How To Keep Your Clipper Blades Cool

It’s true that ceramic blades stay cool longer than standard steel blades, but eventually, all blades get too hot to use. Fortunately, there are coolants that you can use to solve this problem. Consider using either or both of the products below, especially if you don’t have multiple blades you can swap out when one gets too hot.

Andis Cool Care Plus

Cool Care Plus is an aerosol spray that Andis advertises as having a five-in-one formula. It should cool, disinfect, lubricate, clean, and prevent rust. All five of these factors are important for the health of your blades and ultimately the health of your dog.

The disinfecting aspect of Cool Care makes it a virucide, fungicide, bactericide, and tuberculocide. In other words, it kills virtually all the tiny bad things that can attach themselves to your blades.

Andis Blade Care Plus

Blade Care is much like the Cool Care aerosol but in a creamy form. It has a vitamin E enriched formula that, like the spray, cools, disinfects, lubricates, cleans, and prevents rust. In addition, it gets rid of odors that can accumulate because of the hair and sweat from your pet.

Instead of spraying, you dip your blade into the jar (or other container to which you’ve moved some of the cream) to rinse away the hair and other buildup.

A Set Of Combs Expands Your Grooming Options

If you’re new to DIY dog grooming, you might worry at first about taking a pair of clippers to your dog’s coat. What if you do it wrong? What if you hurt him? What if you cut it too short?

This is where a set of combs that attach to your blades can be a great help. With a comb securely in place, you can’t cut too short. As we hinted at above, with combs you can cut at a greater variety of lengths too.

Combs are made from a variety of materials such as plastic, chrome, and stainless steel. While the first two types may cost a little less, we recommend the stainless steel models because they are thinner and can separate your dog’s hair more evenly and consistently. No matter which type you get, you’ll find that even a set of 7, 8, or 9 combs doesn’t cost very much.

Using this kind of comb, you’ll save time because you won’t need to use scissors as much to trim places the clippers either missed or didn’t do a proper job on.

A typical set of 7 combs includes these sizes (lengths).

  • 1/16 inch
  • 1/8 inch
  • 1/4 inch
  • 3/8 inch
  • 1/2 inch
  • 3/4 inch
  • 1 inch

If you get a little larger set, like a 9-comb package, it might contain these sizes.

  • 1/16 inch
  • 1/8 inch
  • 3/16 inch
  • 1/4 inch
  • 5/16 inch
  • 3/8 inch
  • 7/16 inch
  • 1/2 inch
  • 9/16 inch

If we had to pick between those two sets, we’d opt for the pack of 7 combs because of the wider range (all the way up to a full inch) of lengths. The pack of 9 combs with granularity down to the sixteenth of an inch seems to be geared more towards professionals who really need to do detailed grooming.

There are several other options for packages. Get the one you think will work best for you and your dog. Keep in mind too that combs from different manufacturers (like Oster and Wahl) will also work on Andis clippers and vice versa.


Conclusion on the Best Andis Dog Clippers

Doing it yourself, when grooming your dog, can be a scary proposition, but it doesn’t have to be. If you pick the best Andis dog grooming clippers from one of those listed above, you’ll be off to a great start.

If your more interested in the overall best value and most sold online, you will love the Andis UltraEdge.

Maybe your looking for more speed options, then go with Andis 5-Speed.

When you add to that a nice set of stainless steel combs and some coolant, you’ll have two more “weapons” in your grooming “arsenal” that will help keep your pet safe and looking great.