The Best Chew Proof Dog Beds for 2019: Tough, Durable & Indestructible

When you have a dog who likes to chew on furniture, accessories, baseboard and the like – you’re probably sick and tired of having to repair or replace these items. There is a better way, one that will save you untold frustration and wasted money.

Given the opportunity, the dog who likes to chew on anything and everything will almost always do their best to destroy their own bedding too. That’s why you need a bed that is up to the task – one that’s more likely to withstand your dog’s destructive nature.

In a Hurry?

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The Top 3 Chew Proof Dog Beds Are:

#1. Kuranda High Strength PVC Chew Proof Frame – (best overall durability)

chew proof dog bedThis Kuranda bed features a walnut-finished PVC frame and Cordura fabric top – both of which are considered chew-proof and difficult to destroy. And it comes with a one-year warranty – so feel free to confidently put it to the test yourself.

  • Grab hold of the PVC frame and you’ll quickly realize how strong it is and why it should easily support any dog up to the weight limit. Kuranda claims that the Cordura fabric it uses is abrasion resistant and as durable as canvas.
  • It has a similar look and feel to the heavier-duty fabric you find on quality outdoor patio furniture.
  • Its furniture grade poly resin (PVC) is durable and stable ensuring that your dog gets the full benefit of it’s orthopedic support and comfort.
  • What we particularly like about these Kuranda beds is that the fabric slides into the frame, hiding the edges and discouraging even aggressive chewers by not tempting them.
  • The Cordura fabric is very strong and resilient. It’s no surprise that Kuranda beds are used in a lot of kennels, shelters, and breeders.
  • The warranty indicates that the manufacturer will replace any fabric or parts damaged by your dog’s chewing. This applies to any part of the bed, including the fabric, side pieces, legs and corner fittings.
  • What’s most impressive about this design is that there’s no specific area where your dog can grab an edge of the fabric or a soft spot where they can begin their would-be mission of destruction.


What We Liked

info on chew proof dog bedsClean up is easy. While this is not one of those machine-washable beds – it’s quick and easy to manually wipe off and thoroughly clean. Just take it outside, hose it down, add some cleaner or sanitizer and then rinse. Allow it to dry in the sunshine.

Good overall height. This bed is a comfortable height off the floor – but it’s not too tall to discourage pets from actually using it.

Available options. You can choose between sizes, colors, leg lengths and even fabric. This model is available in both Cordura fabric or heavy-duty vinyl.

Rugged build. This one is built to withstand dogs who are tough on bedding. It absolutely lasts longer then other beds several buyers have tried.

No noticeable odors. A hidden benefit of this bed is that it does not retain any “dog” smell.


What We Didn’t Like

The cost. It’s not inexpensive. But when you factor in the cost of replacement beds of a cheaper variety, it’s more cost-effective to buy one Kuranda then it is to replace 2 or 3 others.

It’s a bit noisy. The vinyl top can be a little loud as pets get on and off, or move around to find that comfortable position. When they change positions you can hear them moving on the bed.


Who Is This Chew Proof Dog Bed For?

Sure, this bed might not look as comfortable as their soft and plush counterparts. But it does provide comfortable support – particularly to dogs with joint issues. It keeps them up off the floor and the pressure off their joints, muscles, and bones.

If you have a dog with a leaky bladder, this is an easy bed to wash off and keep clean. And if your dog decides to chew, there’s no part of this bed that seems very inviting. The fabric is tucked away inside the frame. And I don’t imagine PVC plastic would be much fun to chew on.

Multiple buyers report that the bed is still holding up in good condition two and three years after their purchase. That’s comforting to know that the odds of your investment paying off are in your favor.

Due to their rectangular shape, these beds are easy to fit in any room. Rubber pads on the bottom of the legs prevent damage to your hardwood or ceramic tiled floors.


What Makes This Chew Proof Bed Better Than The Rest?

There’s no question this beds is tough and can withstand frequent scrubbing and being moved around from spot to spot.

You can buy a cheaper bed – no doubt about it. But when you have to replace them every few months, those costs quickly add up. Do this over a period of a couple of years and you’ve paid well over what it would cost you to buy one new Kuranda High Strength PVC model.

Just make sure that your dog is well groomed by cutting their nails frequently to minimize any damage to the fabric.

Click here for the Kuranda High Strength Chew Proof Dog Bed


#2. Kuranda Ultra Duty Chew Proof Dog Bed – (best for unlimited budget)

kuranda dog bedThis bed is about as indestructible as it comes. It features an all aluminum frame and ultra heavy duty, outdoor fabric (40 ounce solid vinyl fabric) for extra strength and is made in the United States.

  • You can order the Kuranda in six different sizes – from small to XXL. Four colors are available including – royal blue, smoke, forest green, and burgundy.
  • This heavy-duty frame features is constructed of high-strength, lightweight aircraft grade aluminum. And it’s fully capable of supporting a dog up to 250 pounds.
  • It’s the same basic design as the Kuranda bed above in that it’s a framed, cot-style bed that’s up off the floor. It offers full orthopedic support and a decent level comfort. But this one is built even tougher with an all-aluminum frame and legs. Even the corner braces are made out of aircraft grade aluminum – so it’s probably not something your dog would want to chew on.
  • Another difference is that this model can be used indoors or outdoors. Rust should never be an issue either. Even the fasteners provided are made of stainless steel.
  • Like the other Kuranda, this one is also easy to clean and guaranteed to stand up to multiple cleanings without any problem. If your dog is a destructive devil who likes to scratch, dig, and chew endlessly – this is probably the strongest and most resilient bed you’ll find.
  • It’s ideal for larger, heavier dogs and those who are determined to destroy their bedding. And it comes with a full, one-year warranty from Kuranda.
  • This heavy-duty bed is also scratch resistant. This is helpful to many since a lot of dogs tend to get on the bed and turn around several times before they find their comfort zone. This is another reason why it’s an excellent choice for breeders and kennels and can withstand the wear and tear of having multiple dogs use it over time.
  • This dog bed is intelligently designed to stay in place, even as large dogs get on and off and move around trying to find the perfect position to settle into. That’s due to it’s solid, square stance and stable aluminum structure.


The Good

Heavy-Duty Build. This bed is built tough enough to withstand most destructive dog behaviour.

Indoors and Outdoors. You can use this bed anywhere and it’s light enough to move around from place to place.

Extra cover option. There’s an optional slipcover that can go over the top and is machine washable. It’s a fleece pad that provides a softer, more alluring feel to the top of the bed.


The Not So Good

Doesn’t drain automatically. Because there’s no breathable mesh material on top, the bed tends to accumulate leaves, dirt, snow, and ice. All these materials need to be brushed off periodically to properly maintain the bed.


Why Is This Raised Chew Proof Bed A Great Fit For Your Dog?

Raised beds make a good choice because they get your dog up off the floor. This allows air to circulate underneath and around them. This in turn helps your place look cleaner and smell fresher, since this bed won’t absorb that dog smell we all know too well.

Overall this heavy-duty Kuranda is a very solid dog bed. It’s durable and attractive. The rubber legs on the bottom mean it won’t scratch and damage your floor. And despite its heavy-duty build, this bed is actually easy to pick up and relocate and take with you.

It can take plenty of abuse and still hold up as a firm, solid frame. And it’s comforting to know that your dog can climb on top and get comfortable without you worrying about them digesting something that could cause serious harm. Kuranda gives you peace of mind parenting and your dog a supportive and comfortable place to sleep, once they get used to it.

Many buyers with dogs who are tough on furniture say they only wish they had bought this bed much sooner. If you want the ultimate in strength and stability, this Karanda all-aluminum model is definitely worth the extra investment.

Click here for the Kuranda Ultra Duty Chew Proof Dog Bed


#3. K9 Ballistics Virtual Chew Proof Dog Bed – (best for budget)

k9 ballistics chew proof bed for dogsOur winner in the best for budget priced category of chew proof dog bed is the K9 Ballistics Durable Chew Resistant Raised Dog Bed. K9 offers a 180-day warranty – a bonus offering for a budget-priced product. Clearly, buyers are happy with their purchases – lets find out why.

  • K9 Ballistic offers their chew resistant bed in five different sizes and four colors. This cot-style dog bed is designed to hold up to tough wear and tear and it features a cover that’s easy to clean. It offers a comfortable place for your dog to lie down and the quality of construction is sure to give you plenty of peace of mind too, knowing that you’re buying a product of decent quality that should last a reasonable time. The fact that it’s available at a budget price is an added bonus.
  • All three of our recommended chew proof dog beds sport the same overall design. This one is similar in look and function to the Kuranda – and it’s available at a lower price. It’s built out of a tough ballistic material – strong enough to withstand the destructive nature of the most active chewers and scratchers.
  • This K9 Ballistics model is a raised bed that provides good overall support, air circulation around and underneath and even weight distribution while your pet is on top. Those are all excellent features. It’s also built tough with an aluminum frame and no exposed edges of fabric. That’s a huge advantages – since most chewers hunt for an easy starting point – like an exposed edge or loose thread.
  • If you want a bed that can go anywhere – this one fits the bill. It’s an all-season bed good for indoor or outdoor use and it’s lightweight enough to be portable.
  • Two leg heights are available – 3 1/2 inches and 5 inches. Designers were one step ahead here by making the overall bed a perfect fit for most standard size crates. If you’re planning on putting this cot inside a crate, we recommend going with the 3.5″ legs to give your dog a little extra headroom.

k9 ballistics dog bed

The Upside

Designed in the U.S. The K9 Ballistics bed is designed and engineered in the United States. It’s been thoroughly tested for abrasion resistance, as well as tear and rip strength.

Fair price. It’s a decent quality cot at a reasonable price.

Quality of build. Frame is strong and stable. Fabric top is a waterproof membrane that’s triple stitched for extra stability.

Low profile. Having a lower platform also makes it a little easier for ailing or aging dogs to get up and onto their bed without much difficulty. It’s a much better option than sleeping on the floor.

Comes in 5 Sizes. K9 Ballistic typically ships its small and medium-size beds with the 3.5″ leg’s while the large to XXL sizes come with a 5 inch legs.

Numerous buyers report their satisfaction with how this bed has stood up over time. It’s supportive and durable and you don’t have to worry that your dog is ingesting something he or she shouldn’t be.


The Down Side

Too firm. While this style of bed is not as soft as some others, this one is a safer bet for any dog that is prone to chewing and swallowing furniture parts.


To Summarize Our #3 Pick

You dog will love that you have an eye for loose edges of fabric. Fortunately, this bed has nothing your dog can get it’s teeth into. As we have mentioned it’s probably not the most comfortable of the 3 we recommend. If comfort and toughness is what your looking for go with one of the other chew proof beds.

Click here for the K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Dog Bed


In Conclusion

After checking out many different beds, these are the three that we most recommend if you have a dog who loves to chew on things other than food.

For the best better overall option, choose the Kuranda indestructible chew proof dog bed. For the most indestructible dog bed available on the market (in our opinion), select the Kuranda all-aluminum frame model. And for the best budget priced dog bed opt for the K9 Ballistics bed. All three are good choices and there’s one that’s probably more specifically fitted to the needs of both you and your pet.


What Other Advantages These Chew Proof Beds Have?

These 3 top rated models are designed exclusively for indoor use only. It is recommended not to use outdoors as they are not waterproof and their PVC and Aluminum frames would rust over time.


Another advantage is that they also have a nonslip surface – so there’s plenty of traction for dogs to get on and off easily.

All 3 models are elevated hammock or cot style dog bed that keeps your dog up off the floor and plenty of air circulating around them. This means they should stay cool, dry, and comfortable. Some reviews on Amazon also noticed their dog smells better due to the air circulating under them.

They are exceptionally easy to clean. You can wash the whole bed down with a mild soap and soft brush, then hose it off. They are very light and easy to take outside and dry in the sun for 5 to 10 minutes.


What Are Other Dog Owners Are Saying?

The majority of reviews on Amazon liked the style and design of these beds. They also look good and are made to last. But most important is that your dog will enjoy a good night sleep while you will have the peace of mind that when you wake up in the morning the bed won’t be destroyed.

While probably not totally indestructible, their also not a bed that will easily be torn apart by dogs who love to chew and tear at anything within range. You won’t find any chew proof beds on the market that are made of the highest quality material like the Kuranda and K9 Ballistics models.

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