The 3 Best Indestructible Dog Beds: Why Do They Last Longer?

Let’s be honest from the beginning. An indestructible dog bed does not exist. So the “indestructible dog beds” we’ll look at in this review are beds that will last longer than anything else currently available.

You don’t want your dog to make a mess of his bed, possibly hurting himself in the process. You don’t want to have to buy a new bed every few months or sooner. You want a quality product that’s the best available for your pet and your wallet.

Those are the kinds of dog beds that we will show you in this article – ones that you will be happy with for a long time.

If you’re in a hurry and just want to check the pricing and availability of these dog beds at Amazon, you can click the links in the list below.


#1: Kuranda Strength PVC Chewproof Dog Bed (Best Overall)

Note: The two Kuranda dog beds we’ll discuss here are constructed in essentially the same way. The main difference is in the material used for the frame. The availability of different colors and types of fabric may vary depending on your source.

If your dog normally sleeps indoors and weighs 100 pounds or less, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better bed than the Kuranda walnut dog bed.

You’ll notice that there are two requirements in that statement.

The walnut version of the Kuranda elevated bed is only suitable for indoor use. “Why?”. We wondered the same thing, and so we contacted Kuranda to find out their reasoning.

It turns out that if you expose the dark-colored walnut frame to too much sunlight or heat, it tends to warp the frame, making the bed difficult or impossible to use.

If you like the features of this bed but need one for outdoors, Kuranda has a lighter-colored almond frame for this purpose. Everything else is the same as the walnut version except the color. This lighter color doesn’t absorb as much sunlight, thus staying cool enough to keep the shape of the frame intact.

The other requirement mentioned above is that your dog must be on the smaller side, weighing 100 pounds or fewer. If you have a heavier pet, check out the all-aluminum bed from Kuranda below. That model can handle dogs up to 250 pounds.

Materials Used In The Walnut Kuranda Bed

Made in the United States, the walnut dog bed (and the almond) uses high-strength PVC tubing for the frame. It has an ultraviolet (UV) resistant finish that will hold up under repeated cleanings. As noted, as long as you keep it out of the sun, this frame should last a long time.

Some owners have noticed squeaking or similar noises coming from the frame when their dog uses the bed. Should you encounter this problem, you can easily resolve it by applying a little WD40 to the PVC joints. You and your dog will both rest in peace and quiet then.

Fasteners are made of stainless steel for strength and a decent look. Kuranda has a patent on the bed design in that the fabric of the bed slides inside the frame. This hides the fabric edges thus discouraging your dog from chewing on them!

You can get several types of fabric for the bed itself.

  1.  Heavy duty vinyl is the most durable fabric that Kuranda offers. They recommend it for very large breeds and the most aggressive chewers. It does not absorb moisture, so you can simply spray (if needed) areas that need cleaning and wipe them dry.
  2. Ballistic fabric is abrasion-resistant, high-denier nylon with a smooth finish for easy cleaning.
  3. Cordura is similar to Ballistic but with a softer weave for added comfort and without the smooth finish. This makes it especially suitable for older dogs, giving them plenty of traction when getting on and off the bed. We recommend this fabric for pets with sensitive skin or allergies too.
  4. Vinyl Weave is best for outdoor use (see the almond frame version) as well as for incontinent dogs. The open, waterproof weave lets both air and liquid pass through. This helps your dog stay cool and dry during his sleep. This fabric is protected against ultraviolet rays, so it shouldn’t fade if you use it outside. It is not covered under Kuranda’s chew proof warranty, however.

You can clean all these fabrics and frames with soap and water or additional disinfectants. In other words, they are quite easy to keep in good, useable shape.

We have seen fabrics available in the following colors in various places, like Amazon and the Kuranda website.

  • Burgundy
  • Forest green
  • Royal blue
  • Khaki
  • Smoke (gray)
  • Black (for the aluminum version)

All of the beds we’re discussing here are raised off the floor. The distance depends on the size of bed you get. (See the chart below)

Comparison Chart of Frame, Fabric and Height Sizes


Length x Width (in.)

Height (in.)

Fabric Area (in.)


50 x 36


46 x 32


44 x 27


40 x 20


40 x 25


36 x 22


35 x 23


31 x 19


30 x 20


26 x 16


25 x 18


21 x 14

Choosing Bed Size And Assembling

To determine the proper size dog bed to purchase, we (and Kuranda) suggest measuring your dog from nose to the base of his tail and then adding at least 4 inches. Those extra few inches will give your pet a little wiggle room for added comfort.

The Kuranda dog bed does not come pre-assembled, but they do provide directions. If you can’t find them at first, you should check inside the PVC tubes where they may have been inserted either on purpose or accidentally.

Kuranda’s Dog Bed Warranty (the following is quoted directly from Kuranda)

  • “We guarantee the structural integrity of each of our dog bed frames as well as the cordura, ballistic and heavy duty vinyl fabrics for a period of one year from the original date of purchase of the bed.”
  • “Vinyl weave, deluxe fleece pads, reversible fleece pads, canvas bad pads, bolster items and slip covers are not covered under any chew proof guarantee.”
  • “If your dog is able to damage any part of frame or fabric beyond usability, we will send out replacement parts for free.”
  • “Cosmetic damage is not covered under warranty.”
  • “Warranty claims are limited to one free replacement per part per bed.”
  • “Replacement fabrics and parts that are purchased separately do not carry a chew proof warranty.”
  • “A photo will be required to submit the claim. There is no need to send damaged product back to us; the photo(s) will be sufficient.”

Kuranda Walnut Verdict

You could argue that the Kuranda walnut dog bed is the best in several categories. That’s why we are calling it the best overall for dogs that weigh less than 100 pounds.

If you have a smallish dog who sleeps indoors and doesn’t mind being seven inches off the floor, then this is the dog bed for you.

We realize that those qualifications seem to put it into a niche, as opposed to being a general purpose bed, but they are such general requirements that will apply to at least half the dog population that we feel safe sticking to this recommendation.

#2: Kuranda Aluminum Dog Bed (Best for Heavy Dogs)

For those of you who liked what you read about the Kuranda walnut bed but either have a heavier dog or want to be able to use the dog bed outdoors, this aluminum frame model is the one to look at.

In most aspects, this bed is the same as the walnut – bed sizes (both area and height), fabric color and material options, bed construction, and includes the Kuranda warranty.

Where it differs is in the material used for the frame. Since that is lightweight aluminum, it can support dogs up to 250 pounds in weight. Most likely you’d need to get the Large, XL, or XXL size for such dogs. (We assume the smaller sizes are for owners with smaller dogs who just want the more rugged construction.)

The aluminum also allows you to use the bed outdoors. Even though it’s metal, it doesn’t absorb the heat and warp the frame like the dark walnut can. Instead, it reflects the heat due to its shiny surface.

This bed is also just as easy to clean as the walnut version.

Kuranda Aluminum Verdict

We like the Kuranda raised dog beds so much that it was hard not to recommend another one to cover those owners with heavier (and probably larger) dogs.

So we give the nod to the Kuranda aluminum raised dog bed as the best one for dogs weighing between 100 and 250 pounds.


#3: K9 Ballistics Elevated Chew Proof Dog Bed (Best for Aggressive Chewers)

You’ll notice many similarities between this K9 Ballistics bed and the Kuranda aluminum bed. Both employ an aluminum frame, so they’re good for heavier dogs.

The K9 Ballistics dog bed uses “ripstop ballistic fabric” which, of course, adds to the nearly indestructible character of the unit. We didn’t see any options for fabric material though.

You do have a selection of colors to pick from.

  • Black
  • Snow camo
  • Tan
  • Blue
  • Lattice pattern

Again, you may have to shop around to find some of those options.

The frame comes in 5 sizes each of which are supposed to fit inside a crate, should you find the need to insert it into one. We couldn’t find exact fabric measurements, but it’s safe to assume that the material is just a few inches smaller in each direction than the frame itself.

Measurements in the list below are given in inches. Note that these elevated beds are closer to the floor than the Kuranda models.

  • XXL – 50 x 35 x 5
  • XL – 44 x 27 x 5
  • Large – 40 x 25 x 5
  • Medium – 35 x 23 x 3.5
  • Small – 30 x 20 x 3.5

Construction Of An Indestructible Bed

One fairly significant difference between the K9 Ballistics bed and the Kurandas is that this one comes “pre-assembled”. That is, the fabric is already attached to the frame. You still have to screw the four legs into the corners, but that’s an easy task.

The fabric is tucked into the frame to make it really difficult for your dog to get at those edges.

You may see claims in print touting this as an “indestructible” dog bed. As we’ve already noted, though, there really is no such thing. So take such claims with a grain of salt. They don’t come directly from the manufacturer.

K9 Ballistics Warranty

Speaking of questionable claims, you may also see a warranty that mentions a length of 180 days. This may be true of a third party seller, but the K9 Ballistics website only warrants for 120 days. This is significantly shorter than the Kuranda one year warranty.

K9 Ballistics’ actual claims related to the indestructible nature of this bed are as follows.

“The ripstop ballistic fabric is incredibly durable and designed to be stronger than Kevlar.”

“Our K9 Ballistic Chew Proof Armored Elevated Dog Bed™ is virtually indestructible for 99% of dogs. It is engineered tough with our famous high-performance K9 Ballistic Rip-Stop Fabric™ & Chew Proof Armored Frame™.”

Keeping The K9 Ballistics Bed Clean

Both the fabric and frame of this dog bed resist dirt, hair, and moisture. Spot cleaning them with a damp cloth or perhaps a hose should be a breeze.

The industrial strength ballistic nylon has fibers that are over-spec for consumer grade textiles. So in essence, you’re getting a commercial grade fabric here.

In case of accidents, there is a waterproof membrane that prevents moisture from leaking through to the floor. No messy cleanups in hard-to-get-at places, especially if the accident happens in a crate.

K9 Ballistics Elevated Bed Verdict

Like the aluminum Kuranda bed, this one can handle dogs up to 250 pounds in weight. You can also use it outdoors, due to the metal frame.

What makes us recommend this bed for aggressive chewers is the ballistic fabric is better than Kevlar. K9 Ballistics tried Kevlar initially but found that it wasn’t good enough. So they invented their own fabric (“Ripstop”) that holds up even better against dog teeth.

Wrapping Up Indestructible Dog Beds

While the three beds we described for you here are alike in several ways, they each have their unique points, which is why we can recommend each for a different reason or situation.

Once more then, here are our suggestions.

Best Overall Kuranda Strength PVC Chewproof Dog Bed

Best for Heavy DogsKuranda Aluminum Dog Bed

Best for Aggressive ChewersK9 Ballistics Elevated Dog Bed