The Best Large Dog Stroller For Comfort (2021 Review Updated)

If your dog has any injuries or conditions that may limit its mobility, then a dog stroller is just what your dog needs to get back to the daily routine of taking long, and leisurely walks outside with his family.

Not so much these days … getting your dog from point A to point B can be challenging. Making life easier for both of you if you find the right large dog stroller that suits your dog.

Need a large dog stroller? Don’t know which ones are the best for different breeds? Don’t worry… we’ve got you covered.

In a hurry?

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#1: Pet Gear Expedition Large Dog Stroller (Best Overall)



The quality of this large stroller is exceptional. It has many added features. Including an oversized compartment for large dogs. This is just one of the many reasons this large dog stroller is our top pick. Let’s take a closer look.

Pet Gear’s push-button zipper-less stroller is one of a few available that can accommodate large dogs. Their top model is the “Expedition” which has a weight capacity of 150 pounds (68kgs) and has a spacious compartment. It is big enough to carry 2 medium size dogs.

Breathable mesh windows promote airflow on hot days while providing your dog a clear view through the top, front, and side. Your dog can enter from the front or back.

What We Liked

  • Spacious – Many buyers gave rave reviews because of its spacious pet compartment for their dog to sprawl out and get comfy and enjoy the all-around views.
  • Easy Access – Several people stated they chose this stroller because of the ease of unloading and loading their dog. For example, dogs can enter or exit from both sides and is close to the ground, so there is no lifting required. Great for dogs with joint issues.
  • Many Extras – Customers appreciated the little extras that this stroller gave them, such as a storage tray gives you a handy place to store your keys, phone, poopy bags, and even a cup of coffee. They also felt that having an adjustable handle made the “Expedition” model easier to push, thus giving your dog a comfy journey.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Tight Fit For Extra Large Dogs – Even though the stroller is to accommodate larger dogs, it seemed to be a tight fit for the larger breeds over 100 pounds (45kgs). The extra-large size of the Pet Gear stroller work better for large dogs so they have more room.
  • Price – some customers felt that considering it was a dog stroller that it was an exorbitant price.

Not good on rough terrain – buyers have reported problems in negotiating the Expedition stroller on the terrain, such as gravel, uneven dirt roads. Sometimes the wheels have broken, but the manufacturer will replace any broken parts free of charge.

The Conclusion

As we stated previously, the Pet Gear expedition dog stroller is one of the top strollers on the market. If your dog has joint, arthritis or any health condition, the expedition will make life easier for your pet because he or she can enter from either side. Also, it is low to the ground, so you do not have to lift your dog up into the stroller.

#2: Petbobi Large Dog Stroller (Best Value for Money)

The Petbobi is another one of the best-selling strollers. Let’s look at some of its features:

  • This model stroller has a spacious interior with zippers on the top for safety.
  • It has five windows. The top, front, and back windows are made of waterproof proof mesh that protects your pet from insects and provides constant airflow when you are walking with your pet.
  • This stroller even includes a sunroof. Your pet will see from all sides and can stick his head out and get some fresh air. The stroller is lightweight but sturdy; It can support up to 120 pounds. It is ideal for small, medium, and large dogs or two smaller dogs.

The Upside

Price – Customers felt this stroller had many extra features while still being economical.

Mesh Windows – Many customers stated that they bought this stroller because of the large space and the mesh windows. They also liked the storage pocket for storing things while traveling with their pet.

Wheels & Safety – Customers stated that the stroller was easy to move and like that it had four wheels and the rear brake for added safety.

Spacious Compartment – Many customers stated that they bought this model because of the size of the main compartment. This is one of the few strollers that can accommodate larger sized dogs.

Jogger – Another major selling point of this stroller is the fact that it is considered a jogger. So the stroller can tolerate a jogger’s pace. Thus you can get your exercise and your canine companion can come along for the run.

Storage Compartments – This stroller has several storage pockets, to store doggy treats, poopy bags, and other items.

Airline Approved – This Petbobi dog stroller is safe to carry on a commercial airline within the United States.

The Downside

One chief complaint that buyers had about this stroller is its very large and cannot fit through some standard doorways. Therefore, it is important that you measure all the doorways you think you will go through.

Another drawback with this model is that it is challenging to put together on your own. Customers have stated that it is difficult for them to put the handle on themselves.

Dogs can only enter from the front. So they have to tune around when inside.

The lining of the stroller is not removable, so it makes it a little more challenging to clean.

The Bottom Line

We consider this stroller the best value for your money. However, there are some things that you need to take into consideration before purchasing this stroller. As stated previously, it is important to check the measurement of your doorways to see if the stroller will fit through. This stroller may not be your best option if you intend to transport it regularly.

#3: Ibiyaya Large Dog Stroller & For Smaller Dogs (Best for Comfort)

Our next winner in our top dog stroller for large dogs review is the Hercules stroller by Ibiyaya.

This stroller also has a large compartment that can hold medium to large dogs up to 110 lbs.

It has mesh windows; Dogs can enter and exit from both the front and rear of the stroller. Which means there is no need for your pet to do difficult turns.

This stroller has an aircraft grade aluminum frame so it can hold up during outdoor activities and helps the stroller ride smoothly on surfaces such as, asphalt, concrete or even gravel, sand, or dirt roads.

We also consider this stroller a jogger, so no more leaving your dog home when you go for a run, he can now come with you!

The Good

Reviewers voted the Hercules stroller “the best dog stroller for comfort”. Customers felt that because of the pneumatic tires, the stroller was easy to push and very lightweight. Several customers stated they did not even feel tired pushing the stroller after the long walks.

Other buyers expressed that they liked the added features of the storage pockets and a foot brake. It also includes a rain cover. Most strollers sell rain covers separately.

The Not So Good

The buyers expressed only a few with the Hercules stroller. First, this stroller is extra wide to give your dog added comfort.

Thus, this stroller will not fit comfortably through some standard doorways. Thus, it is important that you measure the areas in which you will use the stroller.

Finally, some customers said that the stroller is a bit difficult to fold down for transport. The pneumatic tires come off, but the back of the stroller cannot go down all the way, making it difficult to transport in a regular or compact car.

Is This Stroller for You?

This stroller is top-notch, particularly in the areas of comfort. If you are looking for a heavy-duty stroller that you can use regularly on a good deal of terrain that Hercules would be the best option. If you need to transport this stroller every time you wish to use it, this may not be the best choice for you. We hope that you get your most pressing needs met for both you and your pet needs.


#4: Sepnine Large Dog Stroller & For Bikes (Best For the Budget)


This stroller is not only a winner in our top five dogs strollers for large dogs, it is also a winner in your pocketbook.

This large pet stroller can be used as a bike trailer. If you feel like getting some additional exercise, you can ride your bike while your furry friend safely tags along in the comfy stroller. This stroller can carry a dog up to 60 pounds (27kgs). It has mesh windows so your dog will get the optimal airflow. You can load your dog into the front or back of the stroller.

This large pet stroller can travel on gravel, grass, and dirt roads with ease. So you can take your dog anywhere you want to go. It comes with an orange flag and safety leash for added visibility to keep you and your pet safe.

What We Liked

Almost all buyers appreciated the fact that this stroller was very affordable compared to the other top models. They also enjoyed the fact that they could use it with their bicycle. They like the safety leash and the orange flag. Customers also liked that they could use this stroller on any surface.

What We Didn’t Like

Most buyers felt that the major drawback of this stroller is that it does not fold down at all. Therefore, it is difficult to be transported by car. It can also be difficult to store in compact places.

Who Is This Stroller for?

This stroller may not have many extra features that its competitors do but if you are looking for a simple stroller that can get your dog from place to place, without having to worry about storage or transporting it. This model is your answer. If you need a stroller to be transported easily. This is not the model for you.

#5: Sepnine Luxury Large Dog Strollers (Best for Style)


This Sepnine’s Stroller is 4 different products in one.

It can be a standalone dog stroller that the owner uses to take his dog on daily walks around the neighborhood. The front wheel of the stroller is fixed. Thus, the stroller can also be used as a jogger, a bike trailer, and a carrier. Lots of value for the money.

The weight capacity is 66 lbs (30kgs). This model folds down for easy storage and transport. No tools needed for setup and putting away.

It even has an adjustable handle which makes pushing the stroller as easy as possible.

The Upside

Most of the buyers said that this was a very durable and affordable stroller. They also stated that it rolls with ease on many surfaces. It has exceptional suspension which adds to your dog’s comfort. Customers also like that the bicycle hitch was included and that it could also be used as an independent kennel.

The Downside

The only drawbacks that buyers saw with this stroller were that the front wheel was fixed, making it a little more of a challenge when wanting to turn the stroller. And that the stroller had no breaks, but they wanted it to be stressed that despite these drawbacks they still thought it was a worthwhile purchase.

Is This Stroller for You?

Do you want a stroller that can be used for more than one thing? For example, a stroller, bike trailer, and kennel. If the answer is yes, then this stroller would be your pick of our top five large dog strollers. Think of it this way. Now you won’t need a stroller and a separate pet carrier, saving you money in the long run.


Summary: Your Best Large Dog Strollers

You can see now after reading our review that there are only a few large dog strollers we recommend. It is important for you to know what you are looking for in a stroller prior to making a purchase so it meets the needs of your pet and yourself. Let us recap our review.

If you are looking for the best overall dog stroller for your large dog then go with the Pet Gear Expedition. It has a spacious compartment for even the heaviest of dogs up to 150 pounds. This Pet Gear stroller has a new no zipper technology that makes loading and unloading your pet easy.

A more affordable stroller with similar features is the Petbobi Stroller.

If comfort is the top priority for your pooch on your outings then the Ibiyaya Dog Stroller is the one we recommend.

There are many types of strollers on the market. Big ones, small ones, skinny ones, and tall ones. Which one is right for you depends on the needs of you and your dog.

Tires – There are lightweight plastic tires, EVA foam tires for flat surfaces, or even air filled. Depending on which option you choose, it will make pushing the stroller much easier. While making the ride more comfy and cozy for your pet. Always remember to consider the terrain the stroller will be on.

Suspension system – much like the tire on the stroller, having a suspension system may be an essential feature. If you plan to do some jogging while pushing the stroller, then you may want to consider a suspension system.

All these strollers feature a closure that will prevent your pet from escaping. This feature is invaluable when taking your dog to the vet and for walks.

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