The Absolute Best Orthopedic Dog Beds for Every Dog Size

orthopedic dog bedsAre you looking to get one of the best orthopedic dog beds for your furry friend? We spent 27 busy hours closely checking out orthopedic dog beds of all types and sizes.

What we discovered can save you hours of research, hundreds of lost dollars, and endless frustration at having chosen a bed that just didn’t deliver as expected.

Orthopedic dog beds are important because they provide the ultimate for support and comfort. In this article we review five popular memory foam beds designed specifically to help support your dogs joints and provide an excellent night’s sleep at the same time.

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Just like people, many dogs begin to develop joint pain and deteriorating health conditions such as arthritis as they age. Giving your dog a comfortable, supportive bed is one way to help relieve some of that discomfort – and show how much you do care for them.


#1. Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed Lounge Sofa – (best overall)

orthopedic dog beds

Our overall winner as the best orthopedic dog bed goes to this Friends Forever model. It’s a lounge/sofa that features a removable cover made of micro-suede and a solid, 4 inch mattress of high-quality memory foam.

There’s a lot of things to like about the Friends Forever orthopedic dog bed/sofa. But top-level support and comfort, providing a good night’s sleep is number one. The poly-fill bolster is soft and plush, providing a comfortable place for your dog to lay his head. Hips and legs are well supported too.

This bed features a quality of memory foam usually reserved for human use. It also boasts a water resistant liner and removable cover that’s machine washable – making caring for this bed super-easy. It’s a nice advantage to be able to keep their bed fresh and the room clean – without it becoming a half-day job.

The Difference Is In The Details

The quality that’s evident everywhere indicates that this bed should stand up over the long haul.

The anti-tear cover is perfect for vacuuming – to pick up any dog hairs. But it’s also rugged enough to stand up to some rough play. The cover is zippered for easy removal and features a YKK pure metal zipper – the world standard for reliability and durability.

If you’re looking for an orthopedic bed that delivers exceptional comfort and a solid nights sleep, so your dog awakens well rested – this is it. It’s also a comfortable lounge that provides a comfy safe haven – whenever your dog just wants to hang out.

theraputic dog beds

Easy To Keep In Good Shape

The mattress is protected by a water resistant cover and the exterior fabric used holds up well. And it cleans up with a vacuum or a damp cloth and mild soap. Two discreetly placed zippers (one for the main mattress and one for the headrest/bolster cushion) make it relatively easy to remove and replace after cleaning.

When machine washing, be sure to wash the micro suede fabric in cold water, to maintain it’s appearance. Air dry or do so at low heat.

Micro suede is a manufactured fabric created from 100% polyester fibers. It has a soft, suede-like feel to it that provides comfort and stretch that lasts. It’s not indestructible, but it certainly is durable.

Another interesting observation is that the fabric used for the cover seems to be hair resistant. That means it doesn’t absorb or embed hair. Instead those hairs are easily vacuumed or brushed off. And if that doesn’t clean the cover enough, you can simply unzip it and throw it in the wash.

While the mattress liner is water resistant, it’s definitely not liquid-proof. That’s something to keep in mind if your dog is prone to having accidents.

For Extra Protection – Add This

  • If you worry about your dog having accidents as many older dogs often do a water resistant piece of fabric like vinyl placed over top of the dog bed can be useful in preserving and protecting your new purchase.
  • Another option, and one way you can get more use out of your Friends Forever bed is to cover it with a soft, washable blanket. That way you won’t have to fight to get the zippered cover back on as often, though it’s not a huge issue here. A blanket can be used to collect hair and absorb any drool. Then simply toss the blanket in the wash periodically.
  • The seams stayed together. There was no fraying of material and only a little shrinkage. But like changing sheets on any bed, it can be challenging.
  • Some people prefer to buy only “made in America” products. But it’s getting increasingly difficult to do. This product, though well-made, is actually a product of China, as so many products are these days. But don’t let that deter you. Many products are designed here to strict standards. While there’s no shortage of junk items produced overseas, the quality of goods made there has improved significantly. This Friends Forever orthopedic bed is just one example.
  • Satisfied buyers have reported that this bed has held up well for a 3 or 4 years without any issues. Their beds are still like new with no visible compression of the memory foam, while the bolsters have remained solid.
  • The bottom of the bed has small rubber pads on it to make it more “skid resistant” and hold it in place on the floor as your dog jumps on and off.
  • The water resistant liners should prevent vomit or urine from penetrating the mattress. That’s a good thing since you can’t actually wash a memory foam mattress. Do your best to keep urine away from the mattress so it doesn’t smell.
  • An overlooked advantage of the Friends Forever bed is that it has a lower profile on the front. This allows dogs to easily step in and out of their bed. It’s a huge plus for any dogs suffering the aches and pains associated with aging, or healing after surgery.
  • It’s easy to put together. Unseal the mattress and allow it to expand naturally. Fit the mattress into the protective liner and then cover it with the outside cover and zip it up. The bolster is already zippered into its cover. Now the bed is ready for use.

What Buyers Liked Most

Level of comfort and support provided. Compared to competitors, this bed seems to offer better cushioning support and pain-easing comfort.

Quality of materials used. The foam used is top-notch. It’s solid, non-aerated memory foam – very similar to the kind of memory foam used on quality mattresses designed for humans.

Workmanship. It’s well-built. Stitching is top-quality. There are no snags and the seams are not noticeable.

Portability. Since the bed is lightweight, it’s easy to move from room to room.

What Buyers Didn’t Like

Cool to the touch. The cover fabric can feel a little cold – almost like a cooling pad. But you can easily counter this with a soft blanket placed on top.

It smells bad when you first get it. This is to be expected. It’s the chemicals used in the foam and others Factory smells that you’re getting. Simply follow the instructions and air dry it let’s leave it out in the open air for a day or two.

Cheap bottom fabric. Buyers love the micro suede material used on top. However, they have far less affection for the low-grade material used on the bottom. As is often the case, manufacturers, cover the parts not clearly visible with a lesser grade of material. But in this case, it cheapens an otherwise stellar product just a little.

Well the bottom fabric maybe well-intentioned but it’s not up to the same quality as the rest of this bed.

Who Is This Orthopedic Dog Bed For?

It seems pricey to some – but the value is certainly evident. Dogs with various conditions and health issues seem to really enjoy this bed. They get a comfortable rest and shift around less. Since they’re comfortable, they tend to sleep for longer periods of time.

Overall this is a quality well constructed orthopedic dog bed that features quality materials. The main drawback is the price. But if you’re a value conscious shopper, you’ll appreciate the value you’ll get from this one.


#2. Snoozer Orthopedic Memory Foam Cozy Cave Pet Bed – (best value for money)

the best orthorpedic dog bed

The Snoozer orthopedic bed provides a den-like experience for dogs that love to burrow or nest. However all dog love this bed as it’s easy to get used to the warm cover it provides.

This bed features a deep sleep surface with 3 inches of orthopedic memory foam topped with 2 inches of polyester batting for additional cushioning and support. It’s available in a variety of fabric options, so you’ll likely find at least one that suits your home’s decor.

Designed for dogs that loves to nestle under pillows or to crawl under the covers to stay warm, the Cozy Cave features a plush, simulated lambs wool interior to keep dogs keeps comfortable and warm. The 5 inch base forms the foundation. But it’s the raised hood that creates a partial enclosure – something that’s sure to satisfy the natural instinct of dogs who love to burrow.

It’s more firm than cozy to do it’s orthopedic design and its hood hooded top. Just look at the thousands of reviews on Amazon that make this orthopedic dog bed up with the best.

This is an upgraded version of the original Cozy Cave. It’s the orthopedic version that has a rigid top on top that partially covers the base and a higher quality of foam stuffing (and more of it) to make it more stable and supportive.

This Orthopedic Dog Bed is Unique

  • While this bed may take some getting used to for a dog that hasn’t had a similar bed to sleep on previously, once they get used to it – they seem to enjoy it. Some dogs are so content that once go into their cozy cave at night, they don’t emerge until it’s time to go out for a quick piddle in the morning.
  • If you’re concerned about your dog getting chills or feeling drafty when they lie in the floor this could be a viable solution.
  • Dogs who prefer the safety and security of their own little cave would love this bed.
  • If they get too toasty inside, they can simply reposition themselves to stay at the front, open part of the bed, or simply or climb on top as some do.
  • The base is made of thick memory foam. On top of the foam is a round pillow stuffed with batting for additional comfort.

Choose A Bed That’s A Little Larger

As with any dog bed, it’s important to choose the right size for your pet. But rarely is it a bad idea to go one size higher and err on the side of caution. This is particularly applicable with a cave type of bed that’s partially enclosed.

If your pet can’t get easily get inside and turn around easily – and be comfortable doing so on their own – they won’t fully enjoy the cozy cave as much as they could. So it’s important to choose a bed that’s big enough for your dog.

Important to note is that the bottom cushion is elevated somewhat. In most cases, this won’t be an issue. But it could be if your dog has problems getting around, such as after surgery or simply as the result of the aging process.

To get your dog used to their new cozy cave, try adding a blanket, or an old, familiar tee-shirt so they’ll feel at home and more likely to start exploring their “cave”. Alternatively, you might need to toss a favorite toy or some treats inside to get them to check out their new digs. In many cases, once they’re in they’ll likely want to return. But that’s not always the case and sometimes this just isn’t the right bed for the dog.

But nesters will surely enjoy the privacy of their new pad. And chances are, you will appreciate the quality design, materials, and workmanship that went into it.

What Buyers Like Most

Warm Comfort. It’s a bed that is warm and comfortable and supportive. It feels good watching them snooze away in style and comfort.

Quality Construction. This one is hand-sewn in America. Not surprisingly, the stitching is tight and of high quality.

Easy Cleaning. Unzip the cover to wash as needed. Since the zipper securing the outer cover is made of brass – it’s won’t rust.

Things They Didn’t Like

Plastic support tube. the plastic tube that holds the hood open could be stronger. The one provided is either difficult to get out when washing our can break, rendering the hood virtually useless.

Pierced fabric. The plastic tube tends to break through the fabric. The manufacture could solve this problem with a plastic or rubber reinforcement at the corners to prevent the tube from slipping through.

Stability. The base is a little unstable. When a dog goes all the way in, it can make the bed topple over. This can scare sensitive dogs and prevent them from going inside again.

Your Dog’s Vantage Point

From your dog’s perspective, this bed offers several options. They can go hide away from a noisy house full of children. Or they can curl up for comfort and enjoy a deep, peaceful sleep. Or, they can simply sprawl out and relax when it’s time to chill.

Dogs who love to recognize when things are theirs tend to love this bed. They sleep in it and get away from sleeping on the couch or trying to crawl into bed with mom and dad. The thing to remember is that a better night’s sleep for your dog and supporting it’s joints, means a better night’s sleep for everyone.


#3. Dog Bed 4 Less Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed – (best for budget)

orthopedic bed for dogs

Two excellent features are the waterproof liner plus the 2 external covers – both of which are durable and washable. The waterproof liner plays a crucial role in protecting the memory foam while the zippered, navy blue denim exterior cover is what everybody sees and – it looks great. It’s also machine washable and dryable. There’s also an additional cover provided as an alternative or back-up. It’s a chocolate brown micro suede fabric.

This is another well-made product with a strong, gusset-style zipper for added durability and extra stitching that won’t easily tear apart like cheap beds do.

Quality begins with the foundation of the bed. In this case, what’s provided is a high-grade, gel infused memory foam (3.2 pound high density solid memory foam) that’s also hypoallergenic. Memory foam serves as the orthopedic component, providing plenty of support and relief for healing arthritic dogs. Your getting one solid piece of high-density memory foam. It’s not a thin layer glued to a cheaper layer of regular foam – like some manufacturers provide.

According to the manufacturer this bed will provide many years of support and comfort.

What Are The Other Special Feature?

  • One thing to note is that unlike lesser, thinner foams, the memory foam deployed here will not flatten over time, enabling healthy joint support that promotes a deeper sleep. Its rugged construction improves the odds that this bed will last longer than many others out there.
  • With this kind of memory foam, there are fewer allergens, and the sleep surface runs cooler providing a more comfortable setting for your favorite dog. It also supplies relief for sore, stiff joints and better overall body alignment.
  • There’s a guarantee against defects in the memory foam for a period of two years. That means you can expect no significant sagging or impressions under normal conditions, of course.
  • Numerous buyers report having this bed for at least a couple of years and it has maintained its condition as though it were new. Clearly, this one is a durable, long-lasting dog bed.
  • It’s important to protect the memory foam – whatever it takes. For additional accident prevention, try wrapping a shower liner over the waterproof liner before placing it inside the outer cover. This gives you a triple layer of protection and while no cover is impenetrable, having this kind of added security is as good as it gets.
  • If you’re a fan of blue denim yourself, you like having this bed in your home. Though not a heavy-duty denim, the cover material can withstand a little digging. But truthfully, very few beds can handle unlimited chewing or persistent clawing.
  • Product designers had buyers in mind in that they allowed for shrinkage of the material (after washing and machine drying) and provided plenty of slack to get the mattress back inside the cover. Taking this issue into account is definitely an added plus.

large dog bed

What Buyers Like Most

Cover strength. The exterior cover holds up quite well. With its blue jean material, heavy-duty zippers, and quality stitching, these beds hold their firmness, keep their shape and easily last for years. It’s soft and stylish – sort of like a pair of comfortable, prewashed jeans. Feels great to the touch looks awesome and looks like it will hold up for some time, while still being comfortable.

Extra Cover. having an extra cover extends the life of the bed and provides a different look. It’s also a handy substitute when washing.

Washable, Easy Care Cover. The external cover is machine washable and machine dryable. Washing a cold temperature and use the low gentle cycle. Shrinking does occur but it’s less than half an inch, at most.

Memory foam mattress. The actual base of the bed itself is 100% memory foam. It’s not just a mattress topper. You get firm cushioning feel that sinks down under pressure and slowly returns to its shape as your dog gets up off the bed. The high density 3.2 pounds density orthopedic memory foam has a similar rating to the mattresses you find in a high-end mattress store.

Good for dogs with health problems. This bed provides comfort for injured dogs in recovery, senior dogs, arthritic dogs with joint issues, and those who find it difficult to move around a lot.

What Buyers Didn’t Like

Bottom material. The bottom of the bed is covered with a black nylon-like material with tiny rubber stoppers to help the bed stay in place as the dog jumps on and off. Could be more of a heavier-duty fabric.

If bed wetting is a regular occurrence you can add an extra layer of protection. After washing the covers, it’s easier to have two people reassemble the bed. It’s sort like changing sheets on your bed. While some find it an easy routine task, others struggle. Seems a little easier to have two people do it.

What Dog Would Best Suit This Orthopedic Bed?

When you get the right size bed, your dog can spread out comfortably. This model provides that cradling support that seems just about right for a sound sleep. Your dog might also seem to be a little less stiff after a night on a mattress of this quality.

Give it the human test when you first. Go ahead and lie down with your back on the mattress. Is it comfortable for you? If so, your dog will likely think so too.

Two and three years later, buyers report the bed still being in good condition. And this is even after washing the cover several times over that time frame.

Another common sentiment shared among buyers was that they were happy with this bed as it replaced the need to buy several beds over time.


#4. BarksBar Snuggly Sleeper Orthopedic Dog Bed – (best for comfort)

medium theraputic dog beds

The Barksbar orthopedic dog bed features orthopedic foam as the base plus an extra comfy cotton padded trim cushion and a non-slip bottom.

This may be a bed you want to consider if for no other reason than the positive reviews and the fact that it’s priced more economically than some of the others in the market.

With its sleek, luxurious and quilted design – this one is sure to look impressive in any family room. The non-stick rubber backing on the bottom ensures that the bed won’t move around easily on wooden or tiled floors.

The base of the box bar features 4 inches of solid and grooved orthopedic memory foam. It’s this kind of deep cushioning that provides superior relief on your dog’s joints and improves their health and mobilityparticularly for older dogs. And the cushioned rim gives them a place to lean against and snuggle for added comfort. Its strong construction ensures that this bed will not lose it shape over time and will continue to serve your pet well by contouring to their body – whatever their sleeping position.

What Buyers Like Most

Good for aging dogs. It’s made to provide a comfortable sleep experience with generous support. The interior sleeping space is about 24″ x 36″. It’s a good choice for dogs of any age related conditions. In fact, those with arthritic problems may find this bed particularly comforting.

Cleaning is easy. The BarksBar bed is easy to clean and maintain with a removable and machine washable cover. When washing, be sure to run it on a gentle or delicate cycle and air dry only. Conversely, you can avoid machine washing by simply spot cleaning it periodically. It’s easy to wipe down or vacuum off.

Support and Comfort. BarksBar is another brand that provides human-grade orthopedic memory foam on their dog beds. This provide strong support and joint relief – exactly what a lot of dogs need. Deep cushioning provides pressure relief on the joints and cotton padded walls can contour to the neck and head for optimum comfort and support.

Made of polyester, the plush cover is ultra soft and. And features a luxurious, quilted design that can match or blend with any homes interior.

What Some Buyers Didn’t Like

It’s not tear-proof. Well the bed is made of good quality, it’s not rip proof and some dogs have been able to tear holes in it and expose the foam underneath. That’s something nobody wants to happen and a good way to help prevent this is to throw a small blanket over the top of the bed. It’s durable and roomy enough for many dogs but not all.

The rim flattens out. The cushioned rim or bolster could be better reinforced, so it doesn’t so it doesn’t flatten out as quickly as it does.

No bed is truly indestructible, and I would imagine that repeat digging in Pine will eventually tear the fabric on the cover.

For dogs that like to fluff up their beds before they settle down, we recommend using a blanket on top of this bed or any other non-heated bed. That way they’re doing their fluffing and digging on the blanket rather then the bed itself – so they’re not making direct contact with their nails.

This is a well-made product. It’s designed in the USA and manufactured in China. The extra thick bottom pad and durable construction means it should last over the long haul. The quality of the fabric is good as is the quality of the zippers.

Would This Orthopedic Dog Bed Suit Your Dog?

For a plush bed is soft on your dogs joints and your pocketbook – the Barksbar is a solid choice. It’s comforting to see your dog nestle in and lie comfortably.

Multiple users report that after year two, the bed is still in excellent condition without compressed cushioning and no obvious signs of wear and tear. That’s not always going be the case of course.

Some dogs are hell-bent on destroying whatever kind of bed they are given. This model is probably not as durable for a dog that likes to dig into consistently, few beds can withstand that kind of assault. But for those dogs without the tendency to rip, tear, shred, or dig this may be the perfect option for them and you.

The nice thick bottom of this bed provides the kind of support that aging bones will appreciate as cushioning is excellent.


#5. The Dogs Bed Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Waterproof Bed – (best for firmness)

the dogs bed

This orthopedic bed features a 4 inch base of high stability premium foam plus 2 inches of premium grade high density extremely comfortable memory foam – on top. It also boasts a waterproof protective inner cover and a durable, hypoallergenic plush micro suede fabric exterior. With 6 inches of total foam as its base, this bed this bed provides uniform and balanced support, And it should stand the test of time.

This bed is most suited to dogs who really stretch out when they sleep. While it’s appropriate for any age and almost any size, those who are most likely to appreciate it are dogs with any kind of health condition, where extra support can really help them get a better sleep.

Waterproof covers protect the mattress from accidents and are particularly helpful with dogs who have incontinent issues. While assembled, you can gently wash the cover by hand, or you can unzip it and put it through a gentle wash cycle.

Unlike some fabrics used by bed manufacturers, this one resists dust mites, mildew, and mold. Also, this forward thinking supplier offers replacement covers – which gives a clear advantage to this brand over many competitors who would rather have you buy a whole new bed.

Comfort Without The Squishiness

This bed is comfortable without being too squishy. It’s thick and sturdy and get your bed your dog up off the floor. If your dog has been diagnosed with arthritis this bed will definitely help. For all-around comfort durability and resistance to damage through normal use, this bed is a solid investment.

With balanced weight distribution, it’s particularly helpful to dogs recovering from injury. It’s somewhat soft but at the same time firm. This mattress keeps them from having to put excess weight on the bad leg, for example. Most dogs within the recommended weight won’t sink to the bottom and will be fully supported. And this should easily last for months, if not years.

There’s no question that it is a luxurious dog bed that molds to your dogs body, evenly distributing their body weight providing a much more restful experience. And once your dog gets up off the bed the mattress expands to its original shape and size time and time again.

What Buyers Liked Most

Memory foam base. Excellent medical grade orthopedic foam provides therapeutic comfort for older dogs in particular but any dog including those with arthritis pain, stiff muscles, hip dysplasia, and arthritis. It contours perfectly to support the dog and provide a sound night sleep.

Machine washable. Both the inner liner and the outer plush cover can be machine washed on a delicate cycle. They should never be washed at a high-speed or quick wash cycle as it could damage the fabric. You can machine dry on the lowest possible setting, but air drying is highly recommended to keep your covers looking like new longer.

Product design. Clearly some thought went into the cover dimensions. After washing and drying repeatedly, the cover continues to be easy to reinstall. The water repellent cover encasing the foam is another added plus.

What Buyers Didn’t Like

Cover could be made stronger. The cover just isn’t quite as durable as it could be. Sure, it’s soft and plush. But the material might not hold up over the long haul with larger, rougher dogs. One buyer noted that after several washes when held up to the light you could see small holes in the fabric a result of the dog’s nails constantly scrapping up the surface of the bed and nearly

Pricey replacement covers. While covers are available, they are a bit pricey. Instead of requiring regular cover replacements, it would’ve been better for the manufacturer to supply a more durable outer cover, one that doesn’t need replacing nearly as often.

Top isn’t very soft. The top is not as soft as the tops on other beds. But you could always add a layer of softness with a blanket on top.


In Conclusion

After investigating dozens of different options, we’ve settled on our top picks. For the best overall orthopedic dog bed, you can’t go wrong with this one. If value for money is your most important consideration, this dog bed is a solid choice. Choosing the dog bed that’s right for you and your pet is a personal decision. Any of our top five are recommended and choosing one of our picks instead of another brand will more than likely serve you well.

Why Is Memory Foam Great For Dog Beds?

Memory foam is a must for an orthopedic dog bed. It was first developed back in the 1960s by NASA as they explored options for aircraft seating. Memory foam has continued to evolve, and today’s products are softer and extremely comfortable. But there are various grades of memory foam each providing a different level of comfort and support.

These beds are also an ideal solution for any dog prone to accidents, or aging dogs with leaking bladders. With its waterproof insert and fully machine washable cover, you shouldn’t have to worry about damaging the mattress.

For the prices, these 5 are great beds especially for dogs with leg, hip or mobility issues. They are more firm than soft to the touch. They do provide ample support.

You want to make sure the memory foam does not get wet or it will continue to have a scent that attracts that does not repel further accidents. Dogs have such a strong sense of smell that they can detect even after numerous washings and will continue to be there. Overall these dog beds are somewhat resistant to chewing and leakage.

They are comfortable without being too squishy. Their thick and sturdy and get your dog up off the floor. If your dog has been diagnosed with arthritis these beds will definitely help. For all-around comfort durability and resistance to damage through normal use, these beds are a solid investment.

With balanced weight distribution, they are particularly helpful to dogs recovering from injury. These mattresses keep them from having to put excess weight on the bad leg, for example. Most dogs within the recommended weight won’t sink to the bottom and will be fully supported.

There’s no question these are luxurious dog beds that molds to your dogs body, evenly distributing their body weight providing a much more restful experience. And once your dog gets up off the bed the mattress expands to its original shape and size time and time again.

The Role Of An Orthopedic Bed

A good quality orthopedic dog bed is one that provides comfortable support. You want a bed that cushions and relieves pressure points. Options include beds with airflow channels to promote air circulation and provide a cooling effect. And some beds feature strong, moisture resistant fabric that can outlast other models.

One key component of a bed that provides both solid support and ultimate comfort is memory foam. It can be the lone component of a dog bed, or stacked on top of a supportive bottom layer, just like some of the best mattresses designed for humans.

A strong supportive structure provides a solid foundation. And the right amount of memory foam on top helps to relax joints muscles and bones – easing your dog’s pain and discomfort.

Aging Changes Your Dog’s Sleep Requirements

Just like in humans, the dogs ability to naturally repair joints slows down and arthritis can set in. While larger, bulkier dogs tend to be more susceptible to arthritis pain, it happens in virtually any breed.

Potential warning signs are seeing your dog limping around or finding it difficult to climb stairs – or even to get around in a general sense. Maybe he or she seems more inclined to rest when previously she would be more active. It’s scary sometimes, particularly when it seems like they can’t even move.

One of the best things you can do as a dog parent is to provide soft memory foam cushioning that evenly distributes their weight and provides maximum support. This creates a superior cushioning affect you just can’t get from other materials – no matter how soft and plush they seem to be.

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