Warmest Dog Bed: Keeping Your Dog Warm Cozy & Healthy

Are you looking to buy the warmest dog bed for your furry friend?

As a dog owner, we believe that the saying “life is always better with a dog” is 100% true. Who else will always be happy to see you every time you walk into a room? A dog will give you unconditional love and acceptance every day of his life and ask for nothing except to be loved and cared for in return.

Make no mistake while having a dog is wonderful. It is still a big responsibility. A dog is very much like a baby. It depends on you for it’s every need.

The purpose of this article is twofold. First, it will discuss how colder temperatures can affect your pampered pups. Second, the article will provide several lifesaving tips for keeping your furry friends nice and cozy in the winter weather and our recommendation of the warmest dog bed on the market. We hope that our suggestions make it possible for you and your dog to live a long, healthy, and playful life together.

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How Cold Temperatures Affect Your Dog

We have been dog owners for 20 years, and we get so frustrated when we hear people say, “Your dog has a built-in fur coat so it won’t get cold outside”. Many dogs require extra attention during the winter months. Depending on the dog you have, they could be at risk for hypothermia or frostbite in a matter of minutes. This can quickly turn into a life-threatening situation.

Let’s look at these tips to keep your dog happy and healthy now.

Keep an Eye Out

Yes, they need to go out or walked regularly. Keep a close eye on your pet when in the colder temperatures. How is your dog acting? Is your dog lifting its paws? In extreme temperatures, the pads of their feet can freeze. Is your dog standing still and shivering? Well then, it’s too cold for your dog. This means you need to get them inside and warm as soon as possible. It is important to note that each breed responds differently to the cold. How cold is too cold for your dog?

Dress For The Weather: Sweater Or Not To Sweater?

When it is cold outside, a sweater or coat can do a lot to help keep your dog warm. There are even boots that will help to warm their feet. It may take a while now for your pet to get used to walking in them. However, once they do, there will be no stopping them. They realize that their feet are warm even though they are running outside in the snow. It is quite a sight to see! The boots will also keep your dog’s feet away from harsh chemicals such as ice melt and antifreeze. There are even heated water dishes so you can put water outside for your dog if needed.! They have everything for our trusted companions these days.

Walk Your Pup On A Leash

Many dogs love to run and play in the snow. It may be tempting to watch your dog run and jump around. However, it’s better for both if you keep your dog on a leash. As stated previously, a dog’s feet can become quickly cold that it cannot continue walking back to its owner. The snow makes it easier for your canine companion to lose the scent it was following, and possibly getting lost, keeping your dog on the lease the best option to keeping everyone safe in the colder weather while you are outside. Wouldn’t you agree?

Keep Your pooch Well Fed and Hydrated

This may seem like common sense, but us humans need to make sure that our furry friend is you eating enough during the winter. Ironically, most veterinarians support increasing your pet’s food intake during the winter months. Sounds weird, right?

Bring Em Inside!

Bringing your dog inside during the cold weather is the best way to keep them warm. It is also the most humane thing to do. Think of it this way, you are miserable outside, so are they! Many people do not know, but dogs can catch colds, just like humans. If you’re not sure if it’s safe to leave them out there, don’t!

Provide a Warm Place to Sleep: Pamper Your Pet

It’s no secret that in my house, my dog has many choices of warm places to sleep, including the family bed. There is nothing better than snuggling up with your very companion on a cold winter’s night. When Jake, our Golden Retriever gets tired of sleeping on our bed, he strolls over to his snoozer cozy cave orthopedic bed to keep him warm and comfortable for a great nights sleep.

Don’t Leave Your Dog in the Car

We have all seen the horror stories about dogs dying because people leave them in hot cars. You may not realize that leaving a dog in the car during the wintertime can be just as dangerous. It can feel much like a refrigerator for your pet. Leaving your car running is not an option because your dog could end up with carbon monoxide poisoning!

Here is an excellent article from Family Pet that further discusses this issue.

Besides, we think he would probably rather be home in his cozy warm bed.

In conclusion, we hope this article provided you with helpful tips for you and your dog to stay happy, healthy, and playful during the cooler temperatures.